Mission: Lee Pirozzi

To elicit at least two powerful emotions from my viewers in direct
response to the observance of my artwork.

To maintain brevity and sweeping thought, that will render different
expressions across the viewer's faces.

To break any rules that may restrict me from immediately expressing
and exhibiting the current power of our daily history on earth.

To explore a mixture of mediums with abandon.

To have my viewers turn back when they walk away, and to think again
tomorrow of having done so; and why.

To give back to the art world of children a large portion of my profit
so that their early paintings and simple, truthful art styles may surround
our everyday environment and make us smile; as adult art seldom does anymore.


Biography: Lee Pirozzi

Lee has art studios in several locations: Hilton Head Island, SC, Georgia,
and southern Italy - and has been accumulating works while avoiding exhibition
until a large mass of quality work was available for distribution. Before the
tragedies and joys of real life taught Lee to paint, sculpt, and photograph,
Lee studied art at the University of Georgia.

With a firm belief in supporting children, Lee has been a donator of art to
Cystic Fibrosis, School Art Benefits, and has donated her photography to a
children's art benefit dedicated to profit The Hilton Head Island Children’s Sandbox
Museum in December 2005.

Lee was an exhibitor at the Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York
March 31st - April 25th, 2006. Advertisements in the October and November
ARTFORUM issues, and December MODERN PAINTERS magazine
display Lee's work.

Lee Pirozzi was also an exhibitor in December 2006 at the Agora Gallery in New York. Lee is currently working on more brain sculptures and biomedical photography and paintings.

Lee participated in another exhibit for New York in the summer of 2008, and is seeking further gallery respresentation in Europe.

The latest press quote from the authors of the book MIND HACKS, states , “Artist Lee Pirozzi creates wonderful three-dimensional fabric brains and neuroanatomical structures.” Lee’s last exhibit, Persistence of Form, was reviewed by the Italian Cultural Institute in New York. MIT recently contacted Lee to participate in a research project termed “Eye for Art”, which is part of their ARTForecast prediction of successful artists of the future.

Her latest exhibit is at Cedars-Sinai medical center in LA, CA beginning April 30, 2011 at the International Stem Cell Meeting.

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• December 2005 Hilton Head Island Children’s Museum Photography Donations




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